BRPG already provides repair and construction services for individuals. Renovation and construction works of private houses under the INSHAART brand have been started.

BRPG company has been operating in Azerbaijan since 2014, successfully continuing its activities by completing various large and medium construction projects and improving services.
⬇️ Initially, the services provided by INSHAART include:
🔹 Interior design services of new apartments. This includes interior design and layout of apartments, taking into account the comfort of the apartment owner or commercial purpose (for example, renting or selling after renovation);
🔹 ⁠Preliminary renovation (“White Box”) of apartments according to interior design or the Customer’s request (without taking into account the cosmetic stage). Repair works at this stage are carried out quickly, and the quality, budget and time indicators of construction materials used during the transition to the cosmetic stage are transparently selected by the Customer and used in the repair process.
🔹 ⁠Construction of private houses. To carry out these works, our architects provide design services, construction evaluation, obtaining building permits, repair and construction works.
✅ New obligations await us in this new stage of our activity. In this way, we are always ready to overcome the missions ahead with unwavering cooperation, partnership and collective effort.