Izo Trade


  • Polyurethane (PUR)

    Polyurethane is a rigid foam formed by mixing the main components of polyol and isocyanate with catalyst materials under special manufacturing conditions under high pressure.

    Polyurethane, which provides thermal insulation thanks to its closed cell structure, has high durability and does not absorb water. Bacteria do not grow inside. Due to its high compressive strength, its mechanical performance is quite good.

  • Polyisocyanurate (PIR)

    A new macromolecular structure called polyisocyanurate is formed by allowing the main components of polyurethane foam to chemically react in different mixing amounts.

    Polyisocyanurate rigid foam is a polyurethane with increased and improved fire resistance due to the difference in its structure. Smoke generation during fire is also very less compared to polyurethane.

  • Stone wool

    Rockwool is the general name given to the fiber obtained by melting inorganic rocks and other inorganic oxides at high temperatures. With its fibrous and open cell structure, stone wool is the best choice in terms of sound deadening and fire resistance. In terms of thermal insulation, it has a lower insulating value than PUR and PIR.

    Especially in buildings with a high sound deadening and fire risk or where explosives are stored, you can prefer stone wool insulation material.